Friday, May 15, 2009

May Meeting and Weed Info

Hey Willing Servants!

We had a great meeting last night with some new faces present and a lot of good ideas generated! Thank You to all who came!

We also had a really comprehensive presentation made my Melissa Maggio of the Ravalli County Weed District on Toxic Weeds to horses. IT WAS REALLY GOOD and I learned a lot! It seems there are a lot of nasty weeds in our valley masquerading as pretty wild flowers that threaten the health of our horses! THAT’S IT! The pretty wildflowers HAVE To GO! Be sure to read her notes at the very bottom. That’s where you’ll find the serious symptoms and effects listed. Yeiks!

To see or save Toxic Weed presentation as Power Point (save) or PDF (view) click here and look under the ARTICLES section.

Have you hugged your horse today? I’m headed there now!
Theresa Manzella

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