Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Hedley's Give a Home To Fleetwood

Holly Hedley contacted Theresa Manzella about Fleetwood - following are the photos she sent and what she wrote about adopting Fleetwood - who now has a wonderful forever home with the Hedley family.

Hi Theresa, this is our Double C Ranch. We have four horses...Hogan and Rango--our very large pussycats. Then there are Gideon (the palomino) and Fudgy (the special needs horse from the Camas Prairie rescue).
We have three separate fenced pastures. Two are large side-by-side rectangles and the other is a large adjoining square. Those pastures are all pretty green grass, and we rotate them.
Then there are three separate fenced corrals--one is medium sized and grassy. Another is a medium square walk-through. And the third is our hippotherapy corral with tie offs and mounting platform.
We are off Hwy 200 in NW Montana (Sanders County) and it is quiet, other than kids playing. Speaking of which, we have our twin 8 year olds, which do the hippotherapy. And two boys that will be seniors in high school next year, who do not ride at all. All four are present around the horses. They like them, and willingly do feeding and cleaning.
I am fully involved with the community, serving as School Board Trustee, and spending much of my day at school; either assisting or troubleshooting issues with our special needs sons, or addressing administrative issues in an official capacity. I deliver Meals of Wheels on Mondays and coach our Special Olympics track and field team. In the summer I take on full-time teacher role to continue our son's therapies (speech, occupational, and hippotherapy) in the classroom we have at home.
My horses are my therapy and theirs. I love to brush, lead, and talk to them. I do not ride much because it is difficult to be in a position away from assisting the children for any length of time. I find brushing and leading to be things THEY can join me in. And it's teaching them how to care for others. The brush strokes are good for their physical therapy. Multiple benefits.I'll attach some photos of our ranch that I took today, along with some human photos taken previously. Enjoy!
Thank you to the Hedley family for sharing your loving home with Fleetwood.

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