Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Young Justice Bailey

Meet Justice Bailey...our new mascot and poster child. Wha da ya think? Ain't he something!? What a face...Huh?

Justice Bailey represents living proof that our program of helping horses by helping the people who own them and preserving their dignity is working. He's already a local celeb - see Tuesday's article in the Missoulian:
"Advocates Name Horse 'Justice Bailey' After Abuse Trial".

I met him a month or so ago when I delivered a ton of hay to his owner. Recognizing that he really needed to get out of their, I offered to buy him at that time, but she declined. After having some time to think about it and realizing that she really does have too many mouths to feed, she called me Fri night ... the night of our big court victory ... hence his name ... Justice. We added Bailey to commemorate the Judge that gave the Heydons 2x's as much jail time as the prosecutor recommended. Now that's justice! Do you think Judge Bailey will be honored? Maybe Justice Bailey will make him proud in time. She drove a hard bargain, but we managed to procure him by trading hay. What a deal! She needs the hay to feed the rest of her herd while she tries to sell them and find them homes .. and she didn't need the horse. She did the right thing ... and I believe we did too.

Justice Bailey will be treasured and cared for by Kim Dornan and Sharon Wyche until such time as he is ready to receive formal training under saddle. At that time, he'll come to my house to live. We'll be keeping you posted as to his progress and hopefully we'll be seeing improvement in his body condition as pictures are taken from month to month.

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  1. What a cutie. I can't wait to see what he looks like without his winter rug. I'm not only partial to Paints, but also the name Bailey, which is my dog's name who double duties as my right arm and shotgun.

    I hope to see lots of photos on his (Bailey the horse) development. Will he have visiting priveledges?? Or his own column (Bailey's Corner)?