Monday, February 23, 2009

Small Horse World

Two wonderful older geldings, Traveller and Dandy, were recently adopted into a loving home. One of the people who was reached in the email forwards from one horse person to another about these horses responded with this information.

"I am quite sure that the Mandy's Jim Dandy gelding is a gelding that Penny and I purchased at the sale in Powell in 1984. I rode him that summer as the range rider for a ranch here in Sheridan on their FS Allotment in the Gravellies Mountain out of Ennis. We did sell the gelding that fall to some friends of Char Steele that lived out of Stevensville. Glad to hear he is still alive and doing good. Was a nice travelling horse with a excellent disposition. He was broke to saddle by young lady at Powell. I don't remember her first name, but her Dad was a good friend by the name of Leonard Foxworthy, who has since passed away. If I remember correctly the young lady taught him to lay down. Pete"

It IS a small world - especially for horse people.

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