Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kaehl and Autumn Crick

From Theresa:
Who would have thought that this organization would bring us together with so many wonderful people. Autumn Crick called last week asking for assistance on feeding their 7 horses. She and her husband Kaehl have both recently lost their jobs and while their horses have not had to go hungry as yet, Autumn wanted to make sure they wouldn’t have to. So she called to ask about our emergency hay ration program and how it worked. I told her what we had to offer which was a really good price on some nice barley hay and while we really didn’t have the luxury of a large quantity to give them the hay, we would be happy to extend our good deal on to them; take and IOU and work our whatever payment arrangements worked for them. They were happy with that arrangement and through our discussion I learned that she sings in church and her son helps with a child after school program. I thought to my self…”We need to recruit these people!” Interestingly, I had a note on my desk that had been there for a couple months with Autumn's name, phone and email address, given to me by Kim Marthens indicating that this person wanted to be on our Network list. Due to my fat fingers, I had input her email address wrong and the emails I sent were bouncing back to me. I had called and left her a message some time ago but we hadn’t yet connected … so I just left the note there as a reminder to me to follow up on it again in the future. So it was interesting that when she called and told me her name…I kinda felt like I already new her as she was wanting to be part of our group for awhile. Man power associated with bucking bales is always a problem to be worked out. We had the hay bought, but it was still being housed at the ranch where we bought it, under roof, safe and sound. But the rancher was anxious to have it moved and neither Kim or I were very excited about the prospects of unloading it ourselves. The rancher loaded it for us with his farm hand, but unloading 7 tons was not an exciting thought. So I shared our predicament with Autumn and I’ll be darned if she didn’t come up with a solution for us. She volunteered her husband, Kaehl saying…”Why not? He’s not working and he’d be glad to help!” So that’s the way we worked it out. We traded them ½ ton for their efforts in unloading aprox 4 tons and we have an IOU form them on the other ½, Very nice people! I’d like to help them find work if we could. He is a truck driver with 25 yrs experience. He has his CDL and HAZMAT ratings. He’s pulled double bottoms to Canada and belly dumps and most recently he worked on the road crew building Hwy 93. He has also run lots of heavy equipment She is into retail sales and has various experiences including real estate. If anyone has work to offer them, they can contact them at 369-1762…and it is with their permission that I share this info with you. They want to be working!

Follow up 2/2/2009

Dear Theresa,I've been wanting to write sooner but Kaehl and I have been out job hunting alot. We wanted to let you know how very greatful we are to have the help and how we also were very glad we could help move the hay for ya'll. It made us feel good to be able to contribute. Kaehl and I read the blog and we thought it was cool. I'm so glad about the horse trial being a success for them (horses) and those of us who luv horses. Here are some pics of our horses eating the hay we got from ya'll. One is a little blurred.Sincerely, Autumn Crick

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