Monday, January 26, 2009

Heydon Horse Abuse Trial

Today's news was going to be about picking up hay for emergency hay supplies to tide people over in a tough spot - but tomorrow morning is the Heydon Animal Abuse Trial, and that can't go unmentioned. The details of the case have been covered quite a bit, so there's no point in going over them here. Suffice it to say that the defense of the parties involved is offensive - period.

There are a lot important issues related to this trial - the animal protection legislation that is making its way through the state legislature right now, the unwanted horse issues, how to deal with the abuse and neglect issues in our own communities. However, now I'm just going to quote from an email Theresa sent today talking about the two women who found the first horse subject of this trial, named Able because he is.

"...What they saw…what they smelled…and how it made them feel to see such a beautiful animal…Left for DEAD! Lying there…with his saddle still on tight. Can we even try to imagine how it must have felt to be on a great trail ride with a good friend on a beautiful summer day…excitedly anticipating what the day might bring….what creeks they would cross and how had they changed from the last time they traveled this path…what wildflowers they might see…what wildlife they might encounter…and then to find Able lying on the trail, near dead…and the heart wrenching, gut twisting pain and frustration that they endured over the next 3 days….JUST TO GET HIM OUT OF THERE. And that was only the beginning of it! And then the frustration of feeling accountable and responsible to a horse they had saved, but yet not having any control over anything that happened to him after they released him into protective custody. They really need our prayers and our support. They need to be able to look out into the audience and see familiar, supportive faces. I know we won’t let them down."

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